Have you evaluated your employee acquisition, management and retention practices lately? With the competition for talent intensifying, the need for strong recruitment processes is critical.

In just 10 minutes, you can compare your current recruitment technology and talent acquisition practices against your peers with our free assessment tool developed by experts at Eastridge Workforce Solutions. 

See how your Talent Acquisition performance compares to others nationwide.
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Introductory and disclaimer language –Survey Project Eastridge Workforce Solutions is conducting research on corporate recruitment practices. You are invited to participate because of your talent acquisition expertise and experience.  We appreciate your time in completing this survey,  which should take about 10 to 15 minutes.  Responses are voluntary and entirely confidential.  Responses will not be identified by individual, rather they will be compiled and analyzed on a group basis.  Survey questions and results are proprietary to Eastridge, and not to be divulged to any third party without Eastridge’s consent.
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Where are the employees in your company located?

What percentage of your workforce is contingent?

What is your company's approximate current annual revenue?

Do you have a dedicated talent acquisition/recruitment team?

How many employees do you have dedicated to talent acquisition/recruitment?

To whom does the talent acquisition/recruitment team report?

How many employees do you have in the HR function?

What is the current perception of the talent acquisition/recruitment team within your organization?

With adequate budget, what 3 areas in your current talent acquisition function would you immediately invest in to enhance?

Talent Acquisition

Do you have a well-defined recruitment process?

What functions do your recruiters perform?

On average, how many calendar days does it take to fill an open requisition?

On average, how many applicants do you receive per requisition?

What types of screening and assessments do you perform on final candidates?

On average, how many resumes or applications do recruiters submit per requisition?

On average, what percentage of candidates submitted to managers by your talent acquisition/recruitment team are invited to interview?

Of those interviewed, what percentage receive an offer?

On average, of all candidates who receive an offer, what percent actually start?

What is your average cost per hire?

What is your average annual turnover percentage?

Rate the importance of the following:

(1 meaning unimportant and 7 meaning very important)
Rate how important time-to-hire is for your organization

(1 meaning unimportant - 7 meaning very important)

Rate how important cost-per-hire is to your organization

(1 meaning unimportant - 7 meaning very important)

Rate the importance of quality-of-hire in your organization

(1 meaning unimportant - 7 meaning very important)

Select your top 4 sources of candidates:

What social media platforms do you utilize for recruiting?

Which of the following do you utilize for recruiting?

Do you rely on outside vendors for recruiting?

What percentage of hires come from outside vendors?

How do you think hiring managers rank your company's recruiting performance?

On average, how many business days does it take to receive feedback from a hiring manager?

Do you proactively recruit for future hiring needs?

Recruitment Process Management
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